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Stefan Nowak studio offers the best of equipment available. The perfect blend of analogue and digital equipment coupled with great sounding rooms and some of the finest musical instruments in the country. 


Discounted rates for really good looking people. 



Some amazing pics! 


Digidesign ICON


Faders, knobs, bells, whistles, lights. 

It records AND! plays back. 


Pro Tools HDX System w/ 4 x 192 convertors. 


56 Outputs.

24 Inputs. 


Tascam ATR-80 2" 24 track tape recorder. 

All ready for air! (Hot or cold)


Manley Labs Gold Reference, Reference Cardioid. Beesneez T1, T4, BM49 x 2, BC12 x 2. AKG D112. Neumann TLM 170 x 2. Rode M5 x 2, NT2 x 2. NTR x 2. Groovetubes MD1A Fet x 2.  Audio Technica 4047SV x 2. AEA R92. Sennheiser 421 x 3, 441 x 1, 431 x 2. Shure SM57 x 2,

SM7b, Beta 98amp x 3, Sontronics STC 1s x 2. OPR 84 x2

Electro Voice RE-20 x 2. Charter Oak M900 x 2.

3UAudio Warbler MkIII x 2. Sterling Ocean Way 6050 x 2. 



Toys! (For boys and girls!)


Microphone Preamps. 

GML 8304, Focusrite Red 1, Focusrite ISA 428, Wunder Audio PAFour, Manley Force, Digidesign PRE. 






The little boxes that push air out! 

Ocean Way Audio HR4. Yamaha NS 10s. JBL LSR 305




Behringer P16 personal headphone mixing system. 16 channels. 6 x Mixers

Fostex T40, T20 and Vic Firth Isolation. Sennheiser HD280

I wish my brother George was here. 


Baldwin SD10 9 foot concert grand piano. 

Hammond C3 Organ with 147 Leslie Cabinet. 

Wurlitzer 200a Electric Piano.

Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Mark 1.

Korg DW 6000, Trinity.

Roland D50. Fantom

Yamaha DX7 (Yes really!)

Zeros and Ones. 


ProTools 12 with GML, Massenburg, Sonnox, Soundtoys, Cranesong and various other top shelf plug ins.  


Logic. EW Symph Orch, Hollywood Strings. LA Scoring Strings. Kick Ass Brass. Slate Drums. Toontrack Superior Drummer. Native Instruments Komplete 8. Synthogy Ivory II. Cinebrass. Piano in Blue.  



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