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Written by Stefan Nowak, in the 3rd person. 


Stefan Nowak started playing piano when 4 years old. Born with perfect pitch, small hands (yes it's true) and a big head. He started studying the Suzuki Method until age 11 and then commenced AMEB till age 16. 


He always had a passion for jazz, soul, rock and classical music from a young age. 


At age 13 his mother bought him his first synthesizer, a Korg DW6000 (Which he still has) and then the beast of gear accquisition started.... after the DW, came a Korg drum machine and a Teac 3340 4 track reel to reel deck. 


An Akai S612 sampler was bought when he was 15, he said "I'll never need another piece of equipment".. 


His mother with incredible foresight bought him a computer when he was 10 years old.. a Z80 based computer, the Dick Smith System 80. 


A high school drop out, he left school when he was 15 years old and started gigging. Got his first 'commission' of work creating backing tracks for a touring show. 


At age 20 he and nephew James Nowiczewski started the studio in the garage at the Seven Hills property, egg cartons, a Dynamix console, Fostex E16 recorder... then in 1995 they took plunge into ProTools. 


After running the studio for years, the partnership folded and James went to work as a sound recordist and sound supervisor for television, Stefan then decided to return to analogue mixing purchasing a Soundtracs Jade-S console. A few years later, the SSL was aquired, in 2015 a Digidesign ICON was installed. 



About Stefan Nowak. 

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